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General Questions

How do I setup a new case with Case Anywhere?

You may initiate a new case through this website using our customized smart form:  Initiate New Case Form.

Alternatively, you can request that a new case be set up by submitting the following information to  Please indicate ‘New Case Setup’ in the Subject Line:

  1. Attach order authorizing the use of Case Anywhere or document evidencing agreement among counsel to utilize our system in submitted litigation or arbitration.  If order or agreement among counsel is verbal, please indicate in email and attach case caption page.
  2. Provide case service list indicating firm names, addresses, main phone numbers, names and emails of counsel of record, and parties represented.   
  3. If your organization is representing a party, please provide the service list information listed above for your firm.  Please also include the names and email addresses of any professional staff members from your organization that require access to the case site and the name and email address of the individual who should receive your firm’s invoices.

Please feel free to include any additional pertinent information regarding the setup, including rush requests.  Upon receipt of this information, a case manager will be in contact to finalize the setup process.

If you would like to set up a collaboration hub, administrative proceeding hub, or private label offering, please contact us at 800-884-3163 or

Can Case Anywhere be initiated at any time during a case?

Case Anywhere can be initiated at any stage of a litigation or arbitration.  Documents submitted in the action which predate launch of the Case Anywhere site can be backloaded into the case file upon request.

Do you require that all parties agree to use of the service before setting up a case file?

If a court or arbitrator has issued an order requiring the use of Case Anywhere, we will set up the case file.  If use of the service has not been ordered and some, but not all, of the parties have agreed to use Case Anywhere, we can set up a case file for the consenting parties.  The parties who have not agreed to utilize our system can serve and be served documents pursuant to applicable code or rule.  Please contact our case managers at 800-884-3163 or for more information.

Can I set up a case file for use by my firm and co-counsel only?

Yes. We can set up a ‘plaintiff-only’ or ‘defense-only’ collaboration hub for use by co-counsel.  Click here for more information. 

Is the use of Case Anywhere limited to certain case types or jurisdictions?

Case Anywhere can be utilized in a wide array of adversarial proceedings including civil actions, arbitrations, and administrative matters throughout the United States and its territories at the Federal, state, and local level.  Case Anywhere can also be set up for mediations.  For the use of Case Anywhere in international matters and other case types, please contact us at 800-884-3163 or for more information.

How long does it take to set up a case on your system?

If we are provided with the necessary setup information, complete case sites are typically launched in less than twenty-four hours.  Rush requests are also routinely accommodated without additional charge.  If your case setup is time-sensitive, please include your rush request with your new case setup information.  Alternatively, please feel free to contact us at 800-884-3163 or to discuss your deadline.  Please note that cases involving complex setups, alternative structures, and large numbers of firms may require additional time.

Do you have a model order for use of the Case Anywhere service that can be submitted to the Court?

Sample form orders may be accessed through the ‘Getting Started’ page of our website.  Click here to access general form orders, certain jurisdiction-specific model orders, and form language that can be integrated into a case management order or similar document. 

What security measures do you have in place?

Protecting our clients’ data and ensuring uninterrupted access to our site are critical to the service we provide.  We have adopted best practice recommendations prescribed in the US Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework and regularly review our security protocol.  Click here to learn more about Case Anywhere’s multi-tier approach to data protection.

Do you offer an online demonstration?

We can set up a webinar demonstration of the Case Anywhere system for any number of users at your organization.  Once we have confirmed a convenient date and time, we will send each participant a meeting link with a toll-free call-in number, enabling each participant to join the demonstration from their own computer.  Click here to request a demonstration 

Is participation by the judge or case neutral required to set up a case file?

Participation by a judge or case neutral and their staff is not required but can further streamline the case management process.  Granting login rights to the judge or case neutral provides the decision-maker with anywhere, anytime access to case documents and a convenient method to serve orders, notices, and other documents on all case parties.  Access to the message board functionality also allows judges, neutrals, and their staff to easily disseminate administrative information and informally address issues that otherwise might require briefing or an appearance.  Rights granted to these users, including access rights to specific documents, can be tailored as needed.  Please let us know if we can help facilitate a judge or neutral’s introduction to the Case Anywhere system.

How do I update my organization's contact information with Case Anywhere?

Provide the new contact information by email to  Case Anywhere will update your organization’s information throughout our system.

Access Questions

Does someone at our organization have an administrator account?

Case Anywhere does not require an administrator to manage your organization’s users.  Any user may request access to any hosted case, provided that your organization is authorized to view the case file.  If it is necessary to limit access within your organization, please contact us at 800-884-3163 or

Does each Case Anywhere user have their own account?

Each user is provided with a unique login credential tied to the individual’s email address.  Through that login credential, each user has access to a customized case docket containing all their hosted cases.  All users are also associated with an organization in our system, and the organization (not the individual) is the account holder.  If the user is an unrepresented litigant, the individual is the account holder.

Does the judge or neutral hearing the case have access to the case file?

The parties setting up a matter on Case Anywhere should indicate if the court or neutral should have access to the case file.  Case Anywhere will provide access rights based on the instruction of the parties and the underlying order instituting Case Anywhere, if applicable.  Documents and messages posted on the site can be restricted, as necessary, to prevent viewing by the court or neutral presiding over the matter.  If you would like the judge or neutral to utilize the system, we recommend checking with them before contacting Case Anywhere.  If we can help facilitate a judge or neutral’s introduction to the Case Anywhere system, please let us know.

How do I add members of my firm to an existing case hosted by Case Anywhere?

Click here to request access to an existing case on our system.  Alternatively, you can request to be added by sending an email to

A case manager will process your request and be in contact shortly.

Can I be provided access to all of my attorney's cases that are hosted on your system?

If you are a legal secretary, paralegal, or other legal professional that requires access to any hosted matter accessible by a particular attorney at your organization, please send an email to providing the attorney’s name and an instruction to be added to all of their cases.  We will process your request and add you to all current and future hosted matters accessible to your attorney.

How do I close our organization's account for a particular case?

Please send an email to requesting that your organization’s access be concluded and confirming that your organization no longer represents any parties in the matter.  If available, please attach the document evidencing your organization’s removal from the case – entry of dismissal; substitution of attorney; disassociation of counsel; final judgment; or other applicable document.  If these records were uploaded to the Case Anywhere file, simply provide the date that they were transmitted.

We will process the request, conclude your organization’s access to the case file, and generate a closing invoice for the account, if applicable.  If we have any questions, we will contact you directly.

How do I conclude access to a case for myself or someone else from my organization without removing access for others in my organization?

Send an email to requesting your access be concluded and specifying the case or cases from which you should be removed.  This request may also be made on behalf of another user at your organization. Your request will be processed by a case manager.

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, click the Forgot Password link on the Case Anywhere login page.  You will then be prompted to input your username.  If a valid username has been entered, a password reset link will be sent to your email address.  

Document Questions

Can documents be served through Case Anywhere at any hour?

Documents can be served or uploaded through Case Anywhere at any time.  If you are serving documents on opposing counsel through our system, please consult applicable court rules and any provisions contained in orders implementing e-service to determine applicable deadlines.

Does Case Anywhere require that all uploaded documents be PDFs?

Documents created in any standard word processing file format, including Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect as well as PDFs, may be uploaded to our system.  When uploading a native document, you will have the option to convert it to PDF or leave the document in its original format.

How many documents can I serve at one time?

Up to 20 individually titled files can be uploaded in a single transaction through the Case Anywhere Document Service/Document Submission interface.  If more than 20 documents are to be transmitted, the remaining files should be sent through one or more additional transfers.  If our bulk upload capability is activated for the case, a maximum of 300 files can be uploaded in a single transaction and an overall size limitation applies.

Is there a size limit for each document uploaded to the system?

The maximum individual file size that can be uploaded to our server network through the Document Service/Document Submission module is 25 megabytes.  In a single transaction, the maximum aggregate upload size across all files is 400 megabytes. Individual files larger than 25 megabytes should be split into two or more parts and loaded separately.  If our bulk upload interface is activated for the matter, the maximum individual file size is 1 gigabyte and the maximum transaction size is 2 gigabytes.

Can document service be limited to select users in a case?

Any document uploaded to Case Anywhere can be limited to select organizations or individuals, or a combination thereof.  As to any organization, a user can elect to provide either organization level or individual level permission.  The listing and link to any document restricted through Case Anywhere is visible only to users with access rights to that record.

  • Organization-Level Restriction: Individuals authorized to access the case file from each selected organization will receive (unless they have declined) notification and have access to the restricted document through Case Anywhere. Individuals from selected organizations who are provided access to the case file at a later date, as well as any third parties authorized to access the case file that are associated with the selected organizations (such as clients, experts, and consultants), will also have access to the restricted document.
  • Individual-Level Restriction: The selected individual will receive notification and have access to the restricted document through Case Anywhere.  Other users from the selected individual’s organization who are not selected but otherwise have access to the file will receive a ‘Notification Only’ email.  The notification email will inform those users of the service and provide a list of authorized users from their organization who can access the document through their log in credential.

Does the public have access to documents on the system?

There is no public access to any case set up on Case Anywhere.  Access to our case files is limited to users authorized to view the file as determined by court order, instruction of the parties, or other mandate.  In special situations, if access is requested by an organization or user not originally authorized, Case Anywhere will consult with the parties to determine if access should be provided.

How do I remove a document that I uploaded in error?

Send an email to requesting removal of the document.  Please provide the document reference number – located by hovering over the document link – and indicate the reason for the request.  Case Anywhere will delete the document and a post a message in the case file notifying the parties of its removal from the system.  If the request is time-sensitive, please contact us at 800-884-3163 so we can provide immediate assistance.

Does Case Anywhere file documents uploaded to the site?

Documents uploaded through our litigation hubs are served on other parties and not filed with the court.  If e-filing is offered through Case Anywhere for a particular jurisdiction, that option will be clearly marked in the system.  As to certain ADR organizations using our arbitration hub software, successfully uploading a document constitutes both e-filing and e-service of that record.  Please contact us at 800-884-3163 or for more information.

Does Case Anywhere offer a depository for document productions?

Case Anywhere offers a bulk upload interface that allows users to transmit larger collections of documents in a single transmission.  Folder and sub-folder structures are maintained as part of the upload process, and documents are organized by submitting organization, party, and bates number.  To learn more about this capability, please contact us at 800-884-3163 or

Should a proof of service be included when serving documents through Case Anywhere?

To determine if a proof of service should be attached to your uploaded document, please consult applicable court rules.  A current Case Anywhere service list is accessible in each case file and may be added to your proof of service.

What are my email notification options for documents served through the system?

Each user can elect to receive email notifications of document uploads immediately, once-a-day, or never.

  • Immediate:  The default setting for most new Case Anywhere users.  A notification is received at the time of posting and includes a link to the document.
  • Once-a-Day:  A single, daily digest notification will be sent at a time designated by the user.  The digest will be organized by case, listing all documents uploaded in the prior 24 hours for each hosted proceeding accessible to the user.  Links to case records will be included.
  • Never: Turns off email service notifications of all documents.  The system requires that at least one attorney of record from each organization receive service.

The election applies across all Case Anywhere hosted matters accessible to a user but can be modified for any individual proceeding.  Notification options can be controlled through a link located in the upper right-hand corner after logging in.

Billing Questions

What are the fees charged by Case Anywhere?

Please contact us at 800-884-3163 or for our most recent pricing schedule.  Price varies based on the type of service requested.  Organizations using Case Anywhere frequently realize substantial savings in time and money.

How can I pay my bill?

Case Anywhere accepts checks, credit cards, and ACH payments.  To pay by credit card, please visit our payment interface. 

Can I set up autopay for my firm's bills?

Autopay through Case Anywhere will be available shortly.  Please contact us at 800-884-3163 or to let us know your interest in this payment option.  We will contact you when autopay becomes available.

How can I change the recipient of billing invoices for our organization?

Send an email to providing any new instructions or updates to billing recipients.  Please provide the full name and email address of each recipient.

Can you provide an estimate of costs that have been incurred but not yet billed?

We can provide you with the total amount of fees accrued but not yet billed on any matter.  An estimate of total cost is also available if a closing date and the number of additional documents to be uploaded prior to the closing date is provided.  Please contact us for further assistance at 800-884-3163 or

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