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Risperdal and Invega Product Liability Cases

CourtLos Angeles Superior Court

Number of Coordinated Cases700 +

Number of Uploaded Documents30,000 +

Number of Message Board Posts650 +

Number of Registered Users500 +

Number of Registered Law Firms80 +

Lead CounselDrinker Biddle & Reath LLP
Robinson Calcagnie, Inc.
Sanders Phillips Grossman, LLC

The Risperdal and Invega Product Liability Cases, consisting of approximately 700 individual personal injury lawsuits, were filed across the State of California against Johnson & Johnson.  Alleging irreversible side effects following use of the pharmaceutical giant’s anti-psychotic drugs, the various complaints were coordinated before a single judge as part of the State’s Judicial Council Coordinated Proceeding process.  Case Anywhere was selected by liaison counsel to streamline this sprawling pharmaceutical litigation through its online mass tort software. 

Since launching the dedicated site in 2014, Case Anywhere has worked closely with lead counsel to provide the Los Angeles Superior Court and firms across the country with an effective tool to communicate, e-serve, and access case documents.  To date, over 500 legal professionals have been set up as authorized users with access to this case file in the office or on the road.  Over 30,000 documents have been served via Case Anywhere’s single screen upload interface, with new documents being uploaded daily.  Regular communication between Court and counsel over the message board has resulted in substantial savings in time and money by reducing the number of filings and hearings in this coordinated matter.

Client Testimonial

"Case Anywhere is the leading on-line case management software for state court litigations. After reviewing case management tools for a more than 16,000 plaintiff coordinated proceeding, we chose Case Anywhere because of its ease of use, searchability, e-service capability, document download functions, and bandwidth to handle tens of thousands of e-service documents. Case Anywhere’s support has been both attentive and superb – they respond to questions promptly because they understand the nature of the legal profession and that time is of the essence on many issues. If you are looking for case management software to support large, complex litigations, I highly recommend Case Anywhere."

- Robert Mosier, Esq., Sanders Phillips Grossman, LLC

Watts Regulator Cases

CourtOrange County Superior Court

Number of Individual Case Files100 +

Number of Registered Law Firms20 +

Number of Registered Users50 +

Lead CounselAlston & Bird
Knypstra Hermes LLP
Murtaugh Treglia Stern & Deily LLP
Williams & Associates

The Watts Regulator Cases – 112 individual product liability lawsuits assigned to the complex department of the Orange County Superior Court – launched on Case Anywhere in the fourth quarter of 2016. Although sharing a common defendant, these cases had not been formally joined together as related or consolidated matters.  The parties needed a solution that would coordinate these proceedings for administrative purposes, while maintaining individual service lists.

Case Anywhere proposed a customized parent/child case structure which provided the required flexibility.  One core (parent) case file was created with over 100 sub (children) case files.  Each individual file contained records specific to that proceeding and was made accessible only to counsel of record for that matter. The platform also included a master message board available to Court and counsel and an interface for e-serving filed documents and discovery.  The tailored solution devised by Case Anywhere allowed the parties to efficiently organize a large number of cases through a single, easy-to-use platform.

Client Testimonial

"The use of Case Anywhere has been extremely helpful in our litigation of complex, multi-party proceedings. We were recently involved in the transfer and coordination of over 100 litigated cases in Orange County. Case Anywhere was critical in streamlining this process. They assisted us with setting up customized folders for grouped cases and individual related proceedings. The sophisticated e-service features allowed us to target service into particular cases; within those cases, we could limit our service to specific organizations or individuals as needed. I would recommend Case Anywhere to any litigator handling multi-party or complex proceedings."

- Jason Fratts, Esq., Knypstra Hermes LLP

Southern California Gas Leak Cases

CourtLos Angeles Superior Court

Number of Coordinated Cases300 +

Number of Uploaded Documents2500 +

Number of Message Board Posts200 +

Number of Registered Users800 +

Number of Registered Law Firms150 +

Lead CounselBoies Schiller Flexner LLP
Kiesel Law LLP
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

Since late 2015, Case Anywhere has hosted the Southern California Gas Leak Cases.  These individual cases, arising out of a natural gas leak in Aliso County, were coordinated by the Judicial Council of the State of California and assigned to the Los Angeles Superior Court.  Following coordination, the number of new complaints mushroomed.  Based on its reputation and track record of efficiently handling complex cases, Case Anywhere was selected by liaison counsel to set up an e-service and messaging site for this mass toxic tort lawsuit.

By choosing Case Anywhere early in the process, counsel established an efficient protocol for document sharing and informal communication between court and counsel that has streamlined case management every step of the way.  As the Southern California Gas Leak Cases have morphed into one of the largest litigations in the State of California, Case Anywhere has worked closely with lead attorneys in adapting its flexible architecture to meet the changing needs of the case.  Almost 900 legal professionals have access to one of the more than 300 individual actions in the coordinated case.  Six related actions are also currently being housed in a custom parent/child case structure which was developed at the request of counsel.

Client Testimonial

"Case Anywhere is a true partner in litigation. Our firm relies on Case Anywhere for efficient e-service and for disseminating critical, time-sensitive information in the Porter Ranch litigation, among others. Case Anywhere is user friendly and understands the needs of complex litigation, even in a case with almost 200 involved law firms."

- Mariana McConnell, Esq., Kiesel Law LLP

Wilshire Vermont

CourtLos Angeles Superior Court

Number of Uploaded Documents6800 +

Number of Message Board Posts1200 +

Number of Registered Users500 +

Number of Registered Law Firms75 +

Lead CounselCastro & Associates
Lorber, Greenfield & Polito, LLP
Youngerman & McNutt LLP

Wilshire Vermont Housing Partners v. Taisei Construction Corp, et al. is a complex litigation involving construction defect, negligence and breach of contract claims stemming from the construction of a large-scale, mixed-use building located in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles.  As a preferred electronic service provider to the construction defect community, Case Anywhere was selected to host this multifaceted case.

From its launch in 2013, the Case Anywhere platform has played a critical case management role in this contentious litigation.  With over 70 firms involved in this standalone matter, efficiency has been the key.  Through Case Anywhere’s targeted construction defect folder structure and global message board interface, the parties have streamlined both their organization of documents and overall communication strategy.  Almost 7000 documents have been served and over 1200 messages posted through Case Anywhere.

Client Testimonial

"We utilized Case Anywhere in a large construction defect case for online legal case management and e-service. The platform was user-friendly and allowed our team to easily serve documents, access records online, and communicate with the Court and other counsel. I would highly recommend Case Anywhere for any construction litigation or other multi-party cases."

- Thomas B. McNutt, Esq., Youngerman & McNutt LLP

Toyota Motor Cases

CourtLos Angeles Superior Court

Number of Coordinated Cases200 +

Number of Uploaded Documents6400 +

Number of Message Board Posts150 +

Number of Registered Users750 +

Number of Registered Law Firms175 +

Lead CounselKing & Spalding LLP
Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP
Robinson Calcagnie, Inc.

The Toyota Motor Cases began as 35 cases coordinated by the Judicial Council of California in 2010.  These high-profile complaints allege that certain vehicles manufactured by Toyota are prone to experience incidents of unintended acceleration.  The number of cases expanded rapidly with over 200 individual actions filed throughout California eventually coordinated into this one sprawling litigation.

The parties selected Case Anywhere as their case management and e-service partner.  Since initiating the case file soon after coordination, Case Anywhere has actively managed the service list through a series of new representations, dismissals, substitutions, and other updates.  Counsel entering the action after the site was launched have realized the immediate benefit of having access to a complete case file which currently includes over 6000 documents.  Communication between Court and counsel via the message board has also streamlined the case, allowing matters which might otherwise require a court appearance or filing to be addressed quickly and informally.  Through the many twists and turns of this litigation, over 175 law firms and the Court have been able to depend on the secure, easy-to-use platform set up by Case Anywhere.

Client Testimonial

"For over a decade, Case Anywhere has been an extremely effective tool for both litigants and jurists in complex litigation."

- Dan Robinson, Esq., Robinson Calcagnie, Inc.




Matters HostedArbitrations, Mediations and Judicial References

UsersNeutrals, Counsel, Case Managers, Clerks and Parties

Largest Case300 + Firms

JAMS is the world’s largest provider of alternative dispute resolution services.  Since 2012, Case Anywhere has been a partner of JAMS, operating a co-branded e-filing and e-service website for this elite organization known as the JAMS Electronic Filing System.  Through this relationship, individual arbitrations and mediations throughout the country utilize Case Anywhere’s software platform to streamline the ADR process.  Cases overseen by JAMS pursuant to judicial reference are also set-up on the system.

Once a matter is launched on the JAMS site, authorized users can securely e-file and e-serve documents through the ADR software; access uploaded case records organized in a customized color-coded library; calendar upcoming events; store and access deposition and hearing transcripts; and communicate over a message board.  Cases of all types have been successfully hosted on this platform, with matters ranging in size from two law firms to over 300 law firms utilizing our arbitration software.  Neutrals, case managers, lawyers, and parties have all benefited significantly from the convenience and efficiency realized in utilizing this technology. 

Client Testimonial

"Case Anywhere has been a valuable strategic partner for JAMS arbitration business.  JAMS distinguishes itself by providing outstanding service to its clients and has set high expectations for its strategic partners as well.  Case Anywhere has consistently provided outstanding client service to JAMS and JAMS clients.  We continue to look forward to an ongoing successful partnership for the future."

- William Zauner, Chief Information Officer, JAMS