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Case Anywhere is at once powerful, versatile, and quite easy to use. I will definitely recommend the Case Anywhere system to all of my colleagues at Skadden Arps.

- Gary Green, Esq., Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP

I was very pleased with Case Anywhere. The service is quite user-friendly, and handled multiple complex filings without a hitch.

- Randall Sommer, Esq., Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP

Wonderful customer service.  Efficient, fast and very friendly.

- Sharon R. McCall, Bullard, Brown & Beal, LLP

I am a big fan. I found Case Anywhere so convenient. It was like having an electronic file cabinet. It also provided [the judge] with an easy and immediate means of communicating with all counsel.

- Brenda Bissett, Esq., Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP

Case Anywhere simplified service and storage of pleadings and discovery on my complex case immeasurably, facilitated communication with the court, and resulted in significant cost savings for our client. Also, the personal service provided was always prompt, successful, and in my experience unsurpassed for such a vendor. I would without reservation highly recommend Case Anywhere to anyone involved in multi-party complex litigation.

- Tim Howett, Esq., Howett Isaza Law Group LLP

I have used several other programs on other cases and this was by FAR the easiest.

- Paulie Davis, Arnold & Porter LLP

An excellent service and a huge time saver!

- Christopher Mass, Esq., Mass & Montes LLP

We used Case Anywhere to manage a fast-moving, multi-billion dollar litigation involving several plaintiff and defense firms. Case Anywhere's professionals worked quickly with court and counsel to get us up and running. The online system's design, functionality, and ease-of-use are ideal for multi-party cases.

- Brian Robbins, Esq., Robbins Umeda & Fink, LLP

Case Anywhere customer service is excellent and, most importantly, prompt.

- Shaun George, Koeller, Nebeker, Carlson & Haluck, LLP

Case Anywhere makes obtaining and retrieving documents extremely easy (much easier than [other providers]).  All of my cases are summarized immediately as I check in and review the documents from any Internet connection.  Thank you for making my life easier.

- Teddy Low, Esq., Wood, Smith, Henning & Berman LLP

This is a product most of our Superior Court judges should consider using. In addition to being extremely user-friendly, the Message Board provides a level of access to the Court that minimizes costly filings and unnecessary status conferences or hearings on matters that can be handled remotely. The electronic service functionality is quick, reliable and a welcome alternative to the paper-intensive alternatives. Your staff are professional and responsive, and our experience with your service has been flawless. I hope we'll be able to use Case Anywhere increasingly in the future. I'm sold!

- Wayne Flick, Esq., Latham & Watkins LLP

There is a unanimous consensus that you are our best vendor across all services.  Because our state courts do not have ECF, this series of cases was swamping the clerk’s office and making life miserable for both the judge and the special master. The recommendation that the parties discuss this matter with Case Anywhere and [the judge’s] order allowing you to work with the Clerk to establish an online docket has completely changed the interactions of the parties - and the temperament of the court. We simply cannot fathom how you can deliver the product and services at such a reasonable cost!

- Carl J. Hartmann III, Esq., Attorney at Law

The first time I used Case Anywhere, I could go online and figure it out without any help.  When help was needed, all service providers were very helpful and kind.

- Jacquelyn Poston, Hosp, Gilbert, & Bergsten

Very useful product. Easy and quick access to documents.

- Herb Klein, Esq., Cox, Castle & Nicholson LLP

Case Anywhere was a tremendous asset for me as a defendant in my court case. The electronic messaging as well as the documents filed in court for review were very helpful, as this allowed me . . . to have immediate access to all paper work filed relating to the court case. I am very thankful for what service they provide and would recommend them to any person who wishes the same professional service. Case Anywhere is a very professional, well run organization.

- Chuck Wyllie, Pro Per

I enjoy using Case Anywhere b/c It is really easy and quick.

- Teresa Arias, Stewart & Eum

Our law firm has had an extremely positive experience with Case Anywhere. The software is simple and easy to use.  And the customer service has been fantastic . . . We highly recommend Case Anywhere to others engaged in complex litigation.

- David Kesselman, Esq., Blecher Collins & Pepperman, P.C.

Case Anywhere is very user friendly and your customer service is extremely efficient and courteous.

- Leslie Cantrell, Peckar & Abramson, P.C.

My firm has been extremely pleased with Case Anywhere's service.  It is simple, efficient and very user friendly.

- Derrick Coleman, Esq., Coleman Frost LLP

Convenient and easy to retrieve documents!

- David Harris, Esq., Petersen-Dean, Inc.

Case Anywhere is great. It is a great tool for simplifying communication with the court and parties. Many times, posting a message on Case Anywhere has avoided the need for ex parte proceedings regarding scheduling and other issues. Additionally, the site is great for organizing pleadings. No matter where you may be traveling, you can quickly pull up and review any documents that were filed in the case.

- Mark Pifko, Esq., Arnold & Porter LLP

Your system is very easy to use.  Even the first time using it your prompts were very clear.  Have not had documents kicked back or problems with the system being slow.  Would recommend to other firms.

- Linda Hall, The Morrison Law Group

As a first time user, Case Anywhere was an invaluable tool. The staff was courteous and responsive.

- Claudia Stone, Esq., Nemecek & Cole, a Professional Corporation

I found Case Anywhere very user friendly and if I ever had a problem and needed to speak with someone, my calls were returned very quickly.

- Renee Levin, Glucksman, Dean, Roeb & Barger

I find Case Anywhere to be easy to use in that once you are set up, everything is easy, no filling in passwords, etc. every time you look up documents.  Furthermore, the customer service cannot be any better, immediate response and they solve any problems.

- Catherine Cannon, Esq., Santa Cruz, Brownwood & Cannon

This service made service on multiple parties much easier, as well as providing the opportunity to monitor files electronically.

- Lloyd Kirschbaum, Esq., Law Offices of Lloyd Kirschbaum