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As former legal professionals, we understand the critical importance of maintaining a secure and stable environment for your data.  Hosted records must be readily available, unauthorized access must be prohibited, and protocols must be in place to prevent destruction or degradation in disaster scenarios.  Failure of a chosen technology partner to aggressively protect uptime, privacy, and continuity can cripple a legal team’s ability to complete critical job tasks and adequately protect its clients.  Security cannot be an afterthought; it must be a focal point of consideration.

At Case Anywhere, we have implemented a proactive, comprehensive approach to safeguarding our client’s data, access, and privacy.  This approach is rooted in national standards and industry accepted best practices and covers all aspects of our business – our Company; our data center partner; and our end user.  The framework is regularly reviewed with our experienced team of cybersecurity professionals to ensure that your data is safeguarded. 

Our security focus is also evident in something more fundamental – the design of our software.  For legal professionals, the ability to control access – to entire case files, to individual documents, or to specific features within an application – is of critical importance.  Case Anywhere was built to address this necessity.  Each case on our system is accessible only to authorized users, and access to any document transmitted within a case file can be limited to select organizations or individuals.  For complex setups, individual case files can be established within an umbrella structure, with access to each file independent of the others.  In those instances in which a user should be provided limited functionality within a case file, our menu of custom roles can be utilized to restrict access. 

These design elements, coupled with our multi-tiered approach to security, constitute the core of our safeguarding efforts.  As technological threats evolve, we adapt to meet them.