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We work closely with organizations and individuals seeking a robust, secure online case management platform to host some or all of their cases. The private label option is ideal for law firms, ADR providers, courts and administrative agencies that manage individual case files and provide access on a case-by-case basis to involved parties.  Within each case file, authorized users can file, serve, or share documents; access uploaded records and transcripts; calendar case events; and communicate over a message board.  The platform is branded with your organization’s name and logo and supported by our experienced team of legal professionals and technology veterans.

Among others, the following are ideal candidates for Case Anywhere’s private label offering:

  • Law firms which typically take a lead, liaison, or steering committee role in cases and want to efficiently coordinate with other participating counsel
  • Practitioners seeking a hosted solution that can serve as a client extranet or co-counsel sharing tool
  • ADR organizations and individual neutrals that want to seamlessly connect all parties involved in an arbitration or mediation
  • Courts and administrative agencies looking for a more efficient way to administer their cases

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization.