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The Case Anywhere Difference

Intuitive Design:

Technology should be a tool, not a challenge.  Legal professionals using our system quickly master its navigation, completing tasks with ease and certainty.  After logging in to our platform, users select a case file from an individually tailored docket of hosted proceedings.  Once inside a file, navigation is controlled from a descriptive case menu with links to various straightforward user interfaces.  This case-centric orientation mirrors how many legal organizations keep their files.  It also minimizes the number of screens to coordinate, text fields to complete, and drop-downs to select as specific case information is populated throughout the file.  As our platform grows, this case-based design principle remains at the core of our software development.

Robust Features:

Our proprietary software aggregates five separate case management features in a secure, web-based program.  Through our system, users transmit documents and receive notifications; sort and search uploaded case records; calendar important events; store and access deposition and hearing transcripts; and communicate via a message board.  Each feature within our system has been hand-picked by litigators to address a specific need.  Collectively, these features serve as case ecosystems for individual proceedings, connecting groups of interested parties and streamlining the management of adversarial proceedings.  As technology evolves, our feature offerings expand to meet the needs of our clients.

Flexible Architecture:

Originally conceived as a platform to host civil litigations, Case Anywhere has grown its suite of software offerings to encompass arbitrations, administrative proceedings, and ‘plaintiff only’ and ‘defense only’ collaboration sites.  Within each case type, we recognize that all cases are not alike and the set-up and functionality requirements for one proceeding may be different than another.  Through Case Anywhere’s managed platform, clients can select from recommended set-up options or create a custom site.  Features, folder structures, message groups, and user permissions can all be tailored as needed.  At the user level, individuals control access to their uploaded records and can select from a range of notification options.  This flexible architecture allows us to meet the varied needs of our clients and service a wide range of case types across a multitude of jurisdictions.

Hands-On Support:

Setting up a case is the beginning, not the end, of our hands-on involvement with matters hosted on our platform.  Once a new file is submitted to Case Anywhere, our experienced team of legal and technology professionals takes on an active administrative role for the benefit of all authorized users.  Managing the addition and removal of organizations and users, categorizing and purging documents, monitoring bounceback notifications, updating service lists, merging case files, recommending best practices, and troubleshooting user computer and network issues are among the matters routinely handled by our team.  We take your cases personally and providing the best possible support from case initiation to case conclusion is at the center of what we do.

Security Focused:

Protecting our clients’ information from compromise and ensuring continuous access to hosted data is mission-critical to what we do.  To meet our high standards and the ethical obligations of the legal clients we serve, we have adopted best practice recommendations prescribed in the US Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework.  Our software platform is hosted at Microsoft Azure, the recognized leader in managed cloud computing, where we leverage advanced threat detection capabilities to safeguard our clients’ information.  If an emergency occurs, backups can be restored quickly if needed to reinstate Case Anywhere’s production capabilities.  These safeguards ensure a safe environment for case data and a stable platform for client access essential to the services we provide.