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At Case Anywhere, we streamline the case management process for our clients involved in adversarial proceedings of all shapes and sizes – whether in court, before a neutral, or in front of an administrative agency.  We offer three lines of service, each of which is delivered in a secure online environment.  Whether your case is large or small, our legal case management software can help simplify its administration.

  • Single Proceeding Hubs: We set up and manage private, dedicated online files on a case-by-case basis for litigations, arbitrations, and administrative proceedings.  These hubs connect opposing counsel and, upon request, are utilized by judges, arbitrators, parties, consultants, experts, and others.  Through these sites, authorized users submit and share records, communicate via message boards, and track case events.  In most proceedings, the filing or service of a document is also accomplished through these setups.  Collaboration hubs – our fourth offering – is designed for lawyers and legal professionals working on one side of a case, either as plaintiff/claimant counsel or defendant/respondent counsel.
  • Transactional E-Filing and E-Service: In select California jurisdictions, documents may be e-filed with the court through Case Anywhere.  These transactions do not require the setup of a case hub but utilize an interface designed specifically for filing court documents electronically.  E-service of documents in these proceedings is typically facilitated through an existing case hub set up for the matter.
  • Private Label Opportunities: For law firms, ADR associations, courts, administrative agencies, and other entities that would like to host some or all their proceedings through our platform, Case Anywhere offers various private label licensing opportunities.  Through this program, Case Anywhere will brand our online site with your organization’s logo, train your employees, and support the software with our experienced team of legal and technology professionals.  In creating private label packages, we work closely with our clients to meet their specific needs and objectives.