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Portrait of Wayne Nitti, CEO

Guiding Principles

From Our Founder and CEO:

As a practicing attorney, I observed first-hand the considerable expense and inefficiency associated with using traditional approaches to manage paper documents and coordinate counsel in multi-party litigation.  Case Anywhere was created as an answer to these problems.  From our first hosted proceeding in Texas to our multi-year relationship with the largest ADR provider in the world, we have been assisting legal professionals – judges, arbitrators, lawyers, paralegals, case managers, legal secretaries, and others – streamline the administration of legal proceedings and run their cases more efficiently. 

We are experts at managing adversarial proceedings in a hosted environment.  With over a decade of experience devoted exclusively to bringing cases online, we know how to set up and support proceedings of all shapes and sizes.  As former legal professionals, we also know the unique challenges faced by our clients – from multi-national organizations to solo practitioners – and work closely with our users throughout the process to meet their objectives. 

Let us bring this expertise and passionate commitment to customer support to your organization.  Contact us today to learn more about our service offerings, schedule a demonstration, or launch your next case online.  We look forward to working with you.

Handwritten signature of CEO Wayne Nitti, Esq.
  • Licensed Attorney, State of California and Washington, D.C.
  • JD, Harvard Law School
  • MBA, Wharton School of Business
  • Formerly of Latham & Watkins LLP

The Case Anywhere platform was created over a decade ago to reduce widespread inefficiencies in the management of legal disputes.  Since its inception, Case Anywhere has been guided by four defining principles which remain central to the direction of the Company today.  As our software evolves, these core propositions remain constant.

The Software Must Be Easy-to-Use:

Legal technology should solve a problem, not create one.  Case Anywhere was designed with a clear understanding that legal professionals have different comfort levels with technology and limited time to learn a new application.  Whether an individual uses our system for one case or many, the experience must be simple and intuitive.  Getting started requires nothing more than Internet access, an email account, and the ability to open a PDF document.

The Platform Must Be Managed:

Our software is supported by a veteran team of legal and technology professionals experienced with litigation and law firm processes.  Case Anywhere professionals work closely with clients from case set up to case closure to ensure a frictionless experience.  If a case evolves and presents new organizational challenges, the Case Anywhere team acts as a trusted technology partner, advising its clients on how the software can meet their changing needs.

The Data Must Be Safeguarded:

Protecting uploaded records and communication through Case Anywhere is critical.  We have adopted a comprehensive, multi-faceted security approach to safeguard the sensitive documents and messages regularly transmitted through our software platform.  Our methods evolve in light of best practices and are regularly reviewed by security professionals.  Maintaining a stable environment with consistent uptime is also at the core of what we do.

The Service Must Be Cost-Effective:

The Case Anywhere service offerings are reasonably priced and offer measurable value to our clients across a broad array of case types.  By aggregating multiple case functionalities in a single application and linking interested parties to a central online hub, efficiencies associated with both case organization and electronic transmission of data are significant.  In larger cases with multiple parties and robust document activity, the savings in time and resources are often dramatic.