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What Sets Us Apart: Professional Management of Every Case

2 November 2018|Litigation

By Wayne Nitti

It’s been 15 years since the National Center for State Courts published standards for electronic service and filing, and 30 years since the Federal Judiciary adopted PACER as its uniform online filing and case management system. Still, all too often, lawyers wind up amassing their own case files, hole-punched and tabbed, and packed into gigantic binders. At many firms, as in some state courts, online case management remains an outmoded and overly complicated morass.

In 2006, I founded Case Anywhere as a secure, multi-party solution to that problem, and also to reduce the considerable waste and inefficiencies I observed as a litigator with Latham & Watkins in the nineties. Today, our e-service and e-filing programs have rendered obsolete half a million paper documents and delivered over ten million notifications for proceedings we host. Our online case management system has streamlined thousands of lawsuits, enabling lawyers from more than 5000 firms to access motions, orders, transcripts and discovery requests and responses from anywhere, anytime. And our case-specific message boards have spared lawyers and judges from countless unnecessary briefs and hearings as well as providing a safe, neutral place where all parties in a dispute can communicate.

Behind all these achievements, there’s a group of litigation and arbitration professionals who truly set us apart. As evidenced in our testimonials (which include accolades from partners at several AmLaw 100 firms), our depth of expertise and superior client service consistently exceed expectations. Whether we’re brought in through a court order or by an agreement among the parties, our professionalism is on display from the outset, when a seasoned litigation or arbitration case manager can create a customized file structure that benefits everyone. From that point forward, our case managers serve as active but impartial partners, overseeing a real-time electronic record of all hosted proceedings.

Unlike plug-and-play applications, Case Anywhere’s nimble, lawyer-developed software delivers what litigators want, and our system’s flexible architecture enables our professionals to create specialized subsets of data to suit lawyers’ and arbitrators’ particular needs. We devised an innovative file structure for hundreds of consolidated toxic torts, for instance, in part by creating a filter that allows restricted service and access to specific groups of claims. We’ve also customized categories for discovery responses and substituted case-based terms for standard labels in a massive insurance litigation.

Our professionals stay on top of their caseloads with the same diligence as old-school attorneys, but with exponential improvements in efficiency and reliability. Our team adds and removes parties and users, categorizes and purges documents, monitors bounce-back notices, updates service lists and assists with technical support. We’re obsessive about accuracy and getting it right. Our decisions in managing cases are informed by a wealth of litigation and arbitration experience and a commitment to protecting our clients’ interests.

By having a managed online case file and experts on their team, lawyers who partner with us can quit worrying about technicalities and focus their energies on achieving spectacular client outcomes. While Case Anywhere is not a legal service provider, per se, as a lawyer admitted in California and Washington, D.C., I hold everyone here to the highest standards of our profession. That’s what it takes to be an active but impartial partner, and it’s what sets us apart from other legal case management companies. Email us today and let us bring our expertise to your next case.