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Tailoring Software Solutions to Meet Litigation Demands

13 June 2019|Litigation

By Wayne Nitti

Most of the time, attorneys who come to our site to set up a new case or arrange for e-service and e-filing quickly master its navigation. Whether they’re acting on an agreement among counsel or pursuant to an order issued by a judge or arbitrator, lawyers typically find that the user prompts and menu choices in our online platform provide everything they need to get started. Our case-oriented software mirrors the way most legal professionals organize their files, and once a case is set up as a litigation hub or arbitration hub on our system, it’s easy to, among other things, upload, serve, and access documents.

That said, once a new matter is submitted to Case Anywhere, our experienced team of legal and technology professionals plays an active administrative role that spans the entire lifecycle of the case. When lawyers tell us that their cases present unique procedural demands, we step in and offer customized solutions. Indeed, Case Anywhere’s experience and agility in responding to our clients’ case-specific needs stands out as a major advantage over our competitors.

Case in point: The individual but related sexual harassment complaints brought against former USC gynecologist George Tyndall and the university, a proceeding that’s being heard in the complex division in Los Angeles Superior Court. The earliest of these state court lawsuits were filed in May of 2018. Since then, over 700 plaintiffs have joined the related proceedings.

Case Anywhere was brought in as the online case management and e-service provider last October, when we set up a secure online hub that links close to 50 law firms on both sides of the dispute with each other and with the Court. Soon after we came on board, counsel presented us with a challenge: Could Case Anywhere create a file structure through which service of individual discovery responses would be easily restricted to lead counsel only? By restricting service and access to these documents, the online platform would assist counsel in complying with the discovery protocol established in the litigation.

Having previously resolved a similar challenge in another complex case, Case Anywhere addressed counsel’s concerns by creating a sub-file specifically for discovery responses and productions. While case counsel can serve their responsive discovery directly into this file, access is restricted to select firms. This streamlined structure requires only that the uploading party select the appropriate file for service, and eliminates the need for attorneys to navigate a lengthy checklist of firms to grant access.

Eight months into Case Anywhere’s engagement as host and case management provider for these cases, lawyers on both sides are saving time and money that would otherwise be spent printing, assembling, and serving paper documents. When new attorneys join in the matter, there’s no need for them to request copies of prior pleadings. We provide them with user credentials, and they have immediate access to a complete and organized online case file. And, as the court participates in the online platform, everyone benefits from efficient communication with the judge and her staff via the case-specific message board.

Case Anywhere hosts and manages a huge volume of cases, including many other high-profile matters like Tyndall. But our dedication to personalized support and hands-on problem solving can be seen in all our cases, from two-party disputes to cases involving hundreds of firms. If you’re considering an online case management solution for your next litigation or arbitration, contact us. We’re committed to your success, and providing the best possible support from case initiation to conclusion is at the heart of what we do.